Coffee is a PLANT, the Coffea, which grows all over the world in the tropic-equatorial area, also called “Coffee Belt”, a belt that runs throughout the planet between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Coffea is a fruit plant whose leaves are glossy green, wonderful when in bloom; it produces fruits similar to cherries called DRUPE inside which there are generally two SEEDS.

The types (species) of Coffea are numerous, but the two most famous are ARABICA and ROBUSTA, we always talk about coffee but they are extremely different from each other.

LA SOSTA is specialized in the selection, roasting, preparation and tasting of only ARABICA coffees.

However, there are thousands of Arabica coffee seeds or grains, different varieties, coming from different countries, which grow in different climatic conditions, which are processed, once the fruits are harvested and the seeds separated, in a different way. Each of these characteristics determines the qualitative and gustatory level.

LA SOSTA deals only with the best selection of Arabica, coffees treated in the best way from the growth of the plants, in the harvesting phase and in the selection, that results in high quality; Specialty Coffees are the highest quality grade of Arabica coffee on the market.



A basic Specialty Coffee must not have any primary defects, serious defects, such as mold, fungus or foreign contamination, so even just one bean is enough to irremediably compromise the flavor and aroma of the cup, this can compromise all the work of selection and care.

The grains defined as Specialty Coffee thanks to the care with which the plants are grown, have an aromatic spectrum that remember their origin, their terroir, the botanical variety and the manufacturing process.

We carefully roast each Specialty Coffee respecting its characteristics to obtain grains that, once cooked, maintain a connection with the raw material. Our light or light cooking in fact enhances what each coffee has to offer, in terms of aromas and flavors, without transforming them excessively.

Specialty Coffees are judged sensorially through a professional tasting method called CUPPING from which a score is derived. A coffee in order to be considered Specialty must be higher than 80 points out of 100.

For us at LA SOSTA, the concept of Specialty Coffee must be extended to the point of being poured into the cup. This is why La Sosta is also active in raising awareness of the preparation and tasting of the drink, so to do not leave to "chance" the possibility of making our coffee less exceptional than it was originally and then with our careful roasting.

Specialty Coffee is the result of an entire supply chain that constantly works to obtain and maintain the high quality of the cup.


Ethical because it aims to enhance the human work behind the original production of small producers.

Sustainable because it helps the productors to reach the independency and sustenance on top of the environment where they work and live.

Healthy because it is the result of sustainable agriculture and an accurate selection at the origin that makes it free of defects. This allowing us to apply a lighter roasting that enhances flavors and aromas to the maximum and at the same time reduces the formation in the grain of potentially harmful substances.

The beverage preparation is finally carried out with excellent equipment and whose meticulous cleaning that always ensures high quality standards that can be repeated over time.


For us, Specialty Coffee is an EXPERIENCE.