JUly 9th

at 11:00 am (1 seat still available on 6)

contact US by whatsapp to partecipate to the cupping and book a visit

we are opening the roastery to the public only one saturday per month

from 10 am until 1pm

for the occasion we will organize a free cupping session, a coffee tasting - (only 6 seats available!)


Saturdays Roastery opening dates:

Aprile 16th - May 14th - June 11th - July 9th - August 6th


It will be still possibile, only on reservation, plan a private visit of the Roastery on Saturday.


Via Guido Rossa, 14 b - 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Loc. Cascine del Riccio


Are you ready for a full and remarkable coffee experience?


From Espresso to Cupping, directly in the Roastery.


For coffee newers, corious people, lovers, and for who is looking for something different and new to do and share.


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Specialty coffee



cupping TASTING course

Have you ever paid attention on tasting a cup of coffee?

Coffee is the seed of cherry fruit. Did you know it?

Have you ever taste fruit flavours in a cup of coffee? 

This course has been studied and made for coffee professionals with different level of experience in tasting. For who wants to go deeper in coffee knowledge and improving his sensibility on coffee tasting.

We use the Cupping as sharing method for the guided coffee tasting.


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espresso tasting course

You drink Espresso coffee every day but too often you don't like it?

You have to add sugar or milk otherwise is undrinkable right?

I caffè ti sembrano tutti uguali?

All the coffees taste the same for you?

Are you able to recognise a quality coffee and a bad coffee?

This course has been built to show you the basics of coffee tasting and let you be indipendent on the choice for your coffee at home or at the cafè.

Recommended for Coffee Lovers and Coffee Professionals withou tasting skills.


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specialty cafè course

Do you kno how to make a shot of Espresso?

Do you kno how to make a V60?

How do you set the grinding size?

What is a coffee blend?

What is the difference between light and dark roast?

This course is tailor made for who wants to become  a Specialty Barista and especially for the Cafè owners.

We will show you how to make an Espresso, how to make a filter coffee, what does fine and course grinding size means, how to clean the equipments and how to present a new coffee to your customers.

It is going to be a revolution for you work!

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making coffee course

Do you know there are many different methods to make coffee?

Do you know how to make the Moka Pot right? Are you sure?

Your Moka Pot is cleaned?

Do you think that making a shot of Espresso it is easy?

This course is made for coffee lovers and curious people but also for Baristas who want to start to study and be better in his job. This is the beginning of a journey, where you pay attention about the coffee preparation at the same level when you cook a great dinner. You don't need to be a chef to make a great coffee.

While start to buy quality coffees , then we will show you how to make it better.


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COME TO US BY BUS n.36 - You can also reach us directly from the center of Florence, Santa Maria Novella, with BUS N. 36.

From the first Stop - TRATTORIA DELL'OSTE - To the last Stop CASCINE DEL RICCIO - Round Trip!



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