What does Specialty Coffee mean?

What does Specialty Coffee mean?

To us, Specialty Coffee is not just a product. It's an Experience.


So, do you know what Specialty Coffee means?

 Let's start by specifying that a true Specialty Coffee must not have any primary defects and serious flaws. Fungus, mould or foreign contamination are therefore not allowed. In fact, even a single bean is enough to irretrievably compromise the taste and aroma of the cup, nullifying all the selection and care work that goes into it.

Beans defined as 'Specialty Coffee', thanks to the care with which the plants are cultivated, have an aromatic spectrum characterised by their origin, Terroir, botanical variety and processing.

Specialty Coffees are sensory-judged through a professional tasting method, called CUPPING, from which a score is derived. To be considered Specialty, a coffee must be above 80 points out of 100.

The Specialty of La Sosta Coffee

At La Sosta Coffee, we are truly committed. We carefully roast each Specialty Coffee respecting its characteristics, to obtain beans that, once cooked, maintain a connection with the raw material. Our roasting, whether light or clear, enhances what each coffee has to offer, in terms of aromas and flavours, without trasforming them excessively.

For us, the concept of 'Specialty Coffee' must extend all the way to the cup. This is why La Sosta is also active in raising awareness of the preparation and tasting of the drink. In this way, we do not leave it to 'chance' to make our coffee less exceptional than it was originally and with our careful roasting.

Specialty Coffee is the result of an entire supply chain that works constantly to achieve and maintain a high cup quality

Ethical, Sustainable, Healthy: this is Specialty Coffee

Ethical, because it aims at valorising the human work of the small producers behind the coffee cultivation.

Sustainable, because it helps the producers to be self-sufficient and to protect the environment in which they live and work.

Healthy, because it is the result of sustainable agriculture and highly careful selection at origin, which makes it free of defects. This allows us to apply a lighter roasting process, which enhances flavours and aromas to the fullest and, at the same time, reduces the formation of potentially harmful substances in the bean. Finally, the beverage preparation is carried out with excellent equipment, whose meticulous cleaning ensures high quality standards that can be repeated over time.

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