THE SPECIALTY COFFEE, from Australia to Italy. From Melbourne to Florence.

La Sosta Specialty Coffee is, since 2016, the artisanal roastery of Specialty Coffee only. 

The passion for this business led founder Simone Guidi to travel the world and explore the true cradle of coffee: MELBOURNE. This journey allowed him to get to know and experience the art of tasting and roasting Specialty Coffee. In love with this coffee variety, he could not help but bring it to Italy. So begins the story of a coffee with unsurpassed quality standards, made for the demanding coffee drinker who looks for added value in coffee at any time. 

Our Specialty coffee is suitable for those who want to start the day in the best possible way, for those who demand a high level of energising coffee to optimise sporting performance, and for those who simply want a moment of pure taste and relax.

Today, as well as offering enthusiasts and coffee shops some excellent Specialty coffee, we also make our experience and knowledge available for training courses, also for the inexperienced.

Our Values

Respect. Research. Commitment. Audacity. Innovation. Passion. Sustainability. 

Our aim is to harvest the best coffee beans in a sustainable way and to roast them ad-hoc in full respect of the raw material, so as to enhance its characteristics. All this in order to offer an unparalleled Specialty coffee, which benefits mental and physical well-being, provides a moment of peace and can also be stimulating.

We want a cup of coffee to become an irresistible pleasure for you throughout the day.

Simone Guidi, the Founder

Let me introduce myself: I am Simone Guidi, founder of La Sosta Specialty Coffee. 

My love for Specialty Coffee not only led me to discover it, but also to produce it. I put my heart and soul into my coffee. 

My goal is that a cup of Specialty Coffee can totally change your day. Doesn’t matter if you are preparing it for yourself or for someone else: my coffee has the ability to give you what you need, every time.

Read my Story and find out how the high-end line of Specialty Coffee from Florence was born.

Chiara Goretti, events assistant.

Chiara is by our side since 2019.

Chiara is a bright, dynamic girl and yes, she is also a bit sour at times (but we like sourness because it creates complexity!).

She is a girl who always strives to perform her best, also in art and DIY.

She is a photo model and she is also specialised in working with metals for jewellers.

In 2019 she fell in love with coffee and the La Sosta project, and she has actively taken part in all the official La Sosta events and fairs in Italy. She promoted the concept of drinking less and better, guiding and advising each person in the choice and discovery of their favourite coffee.

You will meet her at every event we run, both at the roasting plant and at the fair.

Our partners

The passion that we at LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE use to develop our projects, as well as our professional growth, have meant that over the years several companies have approached us, sharing values, ideas and visions.

A path always projected into the future, also made possible thanks to:


Manufacturers of industrial supplies for the food industry since 1945 in Codevilla (PV), Italy.

Partner of LA SOSTA since 2020.


Italian-Australian roasters since 1970 in Melbourne, Australia.

Partner of LA SOSTA since 2019.


Official supplier of espresso coffee machines since 2001 in Milan, Italy.

Partner of LA SOSTA since 2016.

Those who believe in La Sosta Specialty Coffee from the beginning.

They are the first supporters of La Sosta Specialty Coffee and we thank them for that.

Matteo Goretti

Creator together with Simone of LA SOSTA and still the No.1 supporter of the project. The Coffee Doctor.

Alessandro Arbi

Creator of logo and packaging as well as passionate lover of LA SOSTA brand. Our Coffee Artist.

Dario Carnieri

The man behind the lens as well as a loyal supporter. The official LA SOSTA Reporter.

For information on coffee, shipping and other details regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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