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Date of roast


Degree of roast


Suggested for

Filter, Espresso, Moka, Automatics





April - May 2020


1550 - 1900




APCA, Rainforest

Tasting notes

Guava, Pineapple and White Chocolate


Natural on patio.


Guatemala, Antigua:


Origin: Guatemala, Sacatepequez, San Miguel Duenas, Antigua

Elevation: between 1550 masl to 1900 masl.

Varietal: Pacamara

Production time: January to May

Processing: Natural process at Capetillo Mill, owned by the same Echeverria family , the open area is lower than the las Nubes and with the perfect aeration and temperature to enable slow yet constent and precise drying , a CRUTIAL part of the end quality of Pacamara , that are especially giant beans, the water takes longer to migrate and even drying. It’s hard to achieve it, only skillful producers can do it well. Pedro and his mill managers have perfected the process

Certification: Direct Relationship, Rainforest Certified and APCA (CERTIFIED GUENUINE ANTIGUA)



Guatemala is Central America’s largest country and it has one of the largest indigenous populations in all Latin America. Known as the country of the “eternal spring” and also as the “soul of the earth”, the 23 Maya groups that spread throughout the country contribute to the rich, colorful culture of this amazing land. Guatemala originally comes from the Nahuatl language Quauhtemalan which means “place of many trees”. When the Spanish tried to pronounce the local name, it derived into the present name, Guatemala.


The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. The mountain basin surrounding the austerely beautiful colonial city Guatemala Antigua produces the most distinguished of these highland coffees: Guatemala Antigua, a coffee that combines complex nuance (smoke, spice, flowers, occasionally chocolate) with acidity ranging from sweet brightness to imposingly.  Powerful depensing on elevation and Varietal and processing.


This is why Antigua, by far the most famous area of production of Guatemala for over 150 years.

Las Nubes  is a steep farm nestled high on the slopes of Acatenango Volcano, overlooking the City of Antigua reaching 2100 msl of elevation in its highest point. It was created years ago, which is rather young compared with the other “certified Antigua“ farms,  and is mostly planted with Bourbon, Pache and Caturra.

Las Nubes is 70 hectares of coffee  is surrounded by a thick lush virgin forest, pure paradise for the colorful native birds and natural wildlife of the region, preserved and protected. The windy valley called for a specific variety of trees to protect the delicate coffee shrubs, the Gravilea, mixed with native trees.


As of Las Nubes , it  is Antigua ‘s best expression amongst the high pedigree farms  of the Echeverria family, third generation Antigua producers.

This beautiful nano lot of Pacamara  Natural ,. Offspring of finca  Las Nubes ,  (Cloud"in spanish,) is a beautiful farm located on the slopes of Volcan Actenango, overlooking the city of Antigua. The farm became a coffee plantation in the early 1970’s and is run by the Echeverria family ever since.


The cherries are hand picked by skillful pickers, taken care of on the farm. And provided with confortable lodging  and  treated like family, then carried to the  mill of Finca Capetillo owned by the same Echeverría family.

Human respect and nature respect are a way of life for the Echeveria family , and this is one of the main reasons why LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE is proud to work with them from this year 2020.