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Corporate Development

Do you want to make your coffee shop stand out? Do you want to upgrade your coffee to the Specialty generation and offer a true taste experience to your customers? Then, it's time to raise the level.

All that remains is to welcome you to the world of La Sosta Specialty Coffee

where our goal is to support you in developing your coffee offer: attractive for your customers and sustainable for you. 

Each coffee is selected in three stages and analysed in the laboratory, to be healthy and tasty. It is then roasted with an artisanal hot-air method, creating a simply unforgettable cup of coffee, whether espresso or filter. 

No, this is not a coffee to be sold at a standard price of €1.00/1.30 like the others. 

We are experienced Specialty coffee professionals and we want to provide coffee shops with solutions to attract a wider customer base. This, through products designed and targeted to be objectively different but, at the same time, easily appreciated. 

Competition will be the least of your problems, because only few will have this coffee. Get recognised and be remembered for your coffee: you are a cafeteria!


It will be the reference point in your area.

It will expand and become not only the best meeting place, but also a popular destination for those who demand a different, unique cup of coffee. 

Our motto is drink less, drink better, stay Specialty

Our coffees, according to the numbers, succeed in retaining not only those who live nearby, but also encourage those who live a few kilometres away to get up or leave early in order to enjoy a cup of coffee, just for pure pleasure and not as a habit. 

And that's not all. The numbers speak for themselves: doing Specialty is also becoming economically sustainable. People are starting to acknowledge what it is, and are beginning to increasingly ask for it. 

Be among the first to upgrade the coffee you serve.


At this point we ask you: what is that you really want to do? What is the added value of your café?

If you have figured out what we do, or if you already are a loyal fan of Specialty Coffee and you really want to start giving your customers something exclusive, we do have the solution for you.

A dedicated, customised project: the must-have offer for your coffee shop.

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