We select our Specialties for clarity and balance of the result in the cup, always taking into consideration the origin, the seasonality, the processing method and the consistency of quality throughout the year.

We choose the coffees that we believe are best for every extraction method, complex coffees but also everyday coffees.
We roast our Specialties every week using 3 different degrees of roast: LIGHT, MEDIUM-LIGHT and MEDIUM.

LIGHT is an intermediate compromise for Filter and Espresso.
MEDIUM-LIGHT is for who love a balanced and complex espresso.
MEDIUM is the absolute choice for Espresso.

We roast and pack the coffee the same day to ensure a longer the shelf-life. The coffee can retain its quality for 4 months after the roasting date prior to opening the sealed bag, due to our four-layered bags, and ensuring it is kept and stored in a dry environment.

Our coffees

  • Bom Dia

    “BOM DIA” means “Good morning” in Portuguese.
    This is our Entry-Level Specialty Coffee roasted MEDIUM specifically for Espresso and known for its simplicity and moderate acidity.

  • Everyday

    “EVERYDAY” is our Specialty Blend for Everyday.
    Roasted Medium-Light this is a great coffee for those who love to drink Specialty coffee as espresso. The acidity is not too aggressive with a medium body and a pleasant complexity.

  • Jabena

    “JABENA” is the Ethiopian coffee maker.
    It is our treasured Ethiopia Natural, one of our best-sellers. We have proudly bought this coffee since 2016, slightly different every year but it maintains an optimum quality consistency and a high complexity year after year. Roasted Light to be usable for espresso with an easily enjoyable acidity, and when used for filter always presents a pleasant sweetness. .

  • Maya

    “MAYA” is our Entry-Level Filter coffee from Guatemala. It is delicate, sweet and easy to understand. Roasted LIGHT to be a comfortable alternative offer also as espresso alongside our Bom Dia.

  • Pura Vida

    “PURA VIDA” is a common everyday expression used in Costa Rica to say hi in a happy way in. Roasted LIGHT to prepare it can be prepared as espresso or filter for those who love Natural coffees with a bright acidity that pushes your senses.

  • Tejo

    “TEJO” is a typical Colombian game/sport. Roasted MEDIUM-LIGHT this coffee is an espresso for everyone that loves the complexity of the specialty but prefer less caffeine.

Our coffees will be available to buy online soon. In the meantime please feel free to contact us