We open the doors of the roastery to the public only one saturday per month from 10am until 1pm.

For the occasion we organize a Coffee Tasting by Cupping "CUPPING SESSION" for only 10 people maximum each time.


Coffee tasting starts at 11am.


Duration: 1 hour.


Book now your seat at 11am

How the coffee tasting by cupping goes


Hangout at 10:45am at the roastery.

At 11am starts the coffee tasting.


We put on the table from 6 to 10 coffees for comparation, and sharing them with all the group at the same time. To make this experience engaging we organize a traditional coffee tasting called also "Brasilian" that tecnically we call Cupping. We don't taste as espresso because the Cupping permits a more clear evaluation of differences between the coffees and we can share the tasting simultaneously. The event is 1 hour long and it is only by reservation for a limit number of 10 people in total per date.



- Refundable until 48 hours before the date of tasting with a copoun to use for buying our coffees for the shop online.

- Not refundable at less than 48 hours before the event.


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