Esperienza Specialty Coffee

€ 397,00

The full coffee Experience


For coffee newers, corious people, lovers, and who is looking for something different and new to do.

From Espresso to Cupping, directly in the Roastery.

Esperienza Specialty Coffee

From Espresso to Cupping, directly in the Roastery

The full coffee Experience.

For who loves coffee and also for who doesn't know much about it but wants to learn more.

4 hours of Experience at LA SOSTA Roastery Lab, tasting, watching, and touching Specialty coffes and its. production.


  1. Welcome coffee;
  2. Introduction to coffee and to the Specialty coffees;
  3. Introduction to Espresso coffee;
  4. Espresso coffee tasting session;
  5. Guided Roastery Tour;
  6. Introduction to "Cupping" professional coffee tasting;
  7. Coffee tasting by Cupping with the new protocol "safe".


Duration 4 hours.

6 people maximum per group.


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