About us

SIMONE GUIDI, DOC Florentine, born in 1987, founder of “La Sosta Specialty Coffee”.

His passion for the coffee starts more than 10 years ago when he was working as Bartender in a cocktail-bar in Florence, where a Cappuccino was asked during happy hour.

Having no idea of how a Cappuccino needs to be served, he realized his big gap.

From there he started his adventure discovering the Coffee roasting process.


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Our history

Going back to 2016 Simone, coming back to Florence after an important professional experience at the Genovese’s family Australian Roastery, found its own brand “LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE”. The aim is to offer something unique in Florence and in Italy: lead the people through the discovery of a variety of aromas and flavors hidden behind the coffee roastery.


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A basic Specialty Coffee must not have any primary defects, serious defects, such as mold, fungus or foreign contamination, so even just one bean is enough to irremediably compromise the flavor and aroma of the cup, this can compromise all the work of selection and care.



What ROASTing means for us

La Sosta Specialty Coffee starts it work from the selection of the coffee grains with the careful choice of the raw materials, going to the accurate and full of attention process of coffee roasting. The method ends with the creation of a human relationship, direct and honest, with all the clients to better understand their taste and needs. The final goal is to totally reach their demand.


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our Partners

The passion that we at LA SOSTA use to develop our projects, as well as the professional growth that leads us to take a small step forward day after day, have meant that over the years several companies have approached us, sharing future values and visions.


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