What coffee is?

Do you know which coffee are you serving?

How often do you clean your coffee equipments?

Coffee is green or brown?

Hve you ever done a coffee course? did you learn by yourself?

We adjust the grinding size based on the weather? Or based on how many people are into the bar?

Have you ever heard Filter coffee? 

Do you know that selling one Espresso coffee for 1€ it could not be sustainable for your business?

Nowaday that the price of the coffee is rising up how do you convince your customers to pay more for the same product?

Have you ever heard about Specialty Coffee? Do you know what they are?


professional barista cafè course - ADVANCED LEVEL

The professional Barista Cafè course born to educate the Barista but also the Cafè's owner.

Very often you choose a coffee for the low price or for the free equipments the roaster gives to you, sometimes even more.

Don't you want to study? Go to work as barista.

Having a bar is not like having a Cafè.

Staying behind a bench is not like being a Barista.

For us this course is the beginning of a journey of a complete rennovation, not just for coffee knowledge but mainly to change and improve the habits you have at work every day.

Duration 1 day.

Maximum number of students 2.

In case of full Cafè Staff, maximum 4 people.