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Papua New Guinea

Date of roast


Degree of roast


Suggested for

Espresso and Filter


Typica, Bourbon


June - October 2021


1500 - 1700 masl



Tasting notes

Intense and complex, full body and fruit winey acidity, notes of mango, raspberry, hops and chocolate.


Last bags in stock! TAVURVUR

powerful flavours like a vulcan

Our first Specialty coffee coming from Oceania takes the name from the vulcan Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea.

Coming from the wild territory of PNG we tasted and we loved it.

We were looking for a new coffee to let you enjoy and give some pimento to our Specialty line up and here it is TAVURVUR, coming from an uncommon area of the world for Specialty coffees.

This coffee is a blend of coffees coming from various small farmers in the Kiwaka area, one of the Papua New Guinea province.

The coffee plants are Typica and Bourbon variety, plus a small percentage of other Typica variation. Plants grow around 1500-1700 m in altitude between the municipalities of Arufa and Kindeng.

The cherries are processed by a Natural way. At the Kagamuga mill they out together all the cherries and they place them on the raised bad and canvas, to let them dry slower. Also they move the cherries very often to ensure an even drying. When the cherries are ready they hell them and the green beans are placed in grain-pro bags to be exported.