BOM DIA 340g 340g

€ 19,00


BRAZIL Rancho Grande ML

Date of roast


Degree of roast


Suggested for

Espresso, Moka, Automatics, French Press


Yellow Catuai


Jan - Feb 2023


1000 masl



Tasting notes

Sweet and round, medium body and low acidity, notes of 70% dark chocolate, roasted almond and red cooked apple.


Natural Static Box
NEW 340g bag BOM DIA 340g

BOM DIA: welcome to Specialty Coffee world!


BOM DIA is the first step to move close to the Specialty coffees

BOM DIA is our signature coffee ideal for espresso.

We are very proud of this product that we are able to mantein costant throught the years.

BOM DIA takes his name from “goodmorning” in brasilian language and it is our entry level Specialty Coffee.

It is our base for coffee with a taste we like to define "Classic Special" because put together semplicity and quality.

Our Brazil is the only one we roast MEDIUM, for us the most developed of all to satisfy the more traditional palate, but also it donates a unique sweetness and a creamy taste worthy as a real Specialty Coffee, easly valuable even for a more expert palate.

The MEDIUM roast is our determinated choice for Espresso!

We hardly suggest it to who wants to taste a Specialty coffee for the very first time, as Espresso but also with Moka pot, but also who loves a full bodied and round coffees.

We suggest to try BOM DIA also with milk.

BOM DIA is our singole origine from Brazil that every year we select the new crops to offer to you always a fresh, clean and tasty coffee.


For all the 2023 year our BOM DIA will be with only one coffee, that comes from only one farm and with only one variety.

Fazenda Rancho Grande

Altitude 970 masl

Variety Yellow Catuai

Process Natural static dryer and rest into dried cherry.

Harvest between january and february 2023.

First arrival in Europe in May 2023.

First arrival at LA SOSTA Roastery on May 2023.


Coffee production began at the Rancho Grande Farm in 1933. Today, the farm is run by José Carlos Reis and his son Flávio (Fafa) Reis, second and third generation. The mission of the farm is to responsibly produce coffee of the highest possible quality without neglecting the importance of protecting the environment and the caring for the well-being of its employees. Several employees live on the farm in houses provided with subsidised electricity and food. On the farm they are open to change and trying new techniques and they have invested in several static drying boxes to help improve the quality & profile of the coffee they could produce. They have been working hard on improving the quality of their coffees for the specialty market and working on all aspects of the production of these lots from the growing, picking and post harvest treatment.Once the coffee has been mechanically harvested it is then separated using density which separates the levels of ripeness. The boia (ripe cherry) and boian (slightly over ripe) are then chosen to be put into the static drying boxes. These are 1 m deep boxes with capacity for 15000 litre volume of cherry which equates to 25-30 bags of green coffee. The boxes have a vented grill at the bottom to allow for air to be circulated from below up through the drying coffee. Initially cold air will be blown for 12 hours to help slow the fermentation process and then gradually the air temperature will be increased to allow drying for between 7 – 10 days. There are two thermometers at different depths to ensure a safe temperature always below 40c. They are referred to as static due to the coffee remaining still in the boxes and not being turned or rotated during drying. After it is dried the coffee is then left to rest for approximately 1- 2 weeks before being milled. This method has allowed the production of more fruity and prominent profiles from the usual profile we associate with Brazil natural coffee.