BOM DIA 21 250g

€ 10,00



Date of roast


Degree of roast


Suggested for

Espresso, Moka and Automatics





June - August 2020


1000 - 1300 masl



Tasting notes

Chocolate, Berries and Caramel




BOM DIA takes his name from “goodmorning” in brasilian language and it is our base, from march 2021 it will evolve with a new coffee, still Natural but more refined, more tasty and full-bodied. Our Brazil is the only one roasted Medium, our determinated choice for Espresso and for who loves a “Classic-Special” taste. Our base make a step up starting also a direct relationship with the origin: only 3 producers are selected to build this lot.


The coffee inside the BOM DIA comes from Brazil, more precisely from the microregion of Mantiqueira de Minas and the municipality of CARMO DE MINAS.

This region region is quite mountainous with most coffees growing between 900 – 1300 masl, this is one of the reasons way 95% of our coffees are harvest manually. A large part of the producers of this area are considered small holders because they own less

than 7 hectares.

The various microclimates of Mantiqueira the harvest starts in

May and in some areas goes into late November, the peak of the harvest is between June and August.

They produce Pulped Naturals and Naturals and the most common varietals are Yellow and Red Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Acaia, Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuaì, Red Catuaì, Yellow Catucaì.

LA SOSTA works to build a direct relationship with the origin and the producers to arrive at the best taste and also consistent for the customers.

Producers and agronomists work together to produce coffees in a sustainable manner, ensuring plants and environment remain healty.


BOM DIA Natural lot is selected from only 3 produce, all well regarded in the region:

  • Fazenda Coqueiro: Coffees grow between 1000-1300 masl, they produce both naturals and pulped naturals and they are very established in other geographies like North America and Asia. 
  • Fazenda Santa Quitéria: Owner and producer, Simone Carneiro, is a very well regarded WOMAN PRODUCER in Brazil and the face of this fazenda. She’s on the Board of Directors of IWCA (International Women’s Coffee Alliance and also the Institutional Director of AMECAFE (Association of Entrepreneur Coffee Women from Mantiqueira Region). This Fazenda has been in the family for 6 generations, founded in 1830. Their coffees are exported all over the world. Coffees grow around 1100 masl and they are Fair-Trade certified.
  • Fazenda Santa Rosa: they also roast here in Brazil): it was purchased by current owner in 1986 and at the time there was no coffee production. Nowaday the coffees grow around 950-1050 masl and the current varieties are Yellow Bourbon, Acaia, Yellow Catuai, Yellow Catucai, all planted within the last 20 years. They are also Roasters in Brazil.