guided la sosta's roastery tour

- For who loves coffee but doesn't know much about it;

- For who thinks to know and wants to know more about coffee;

- For who wants to know what specialty coffee is;

- For who wants to taste a specialty coffee;

- For who wants to see an artisanal Specialty Coffee Roastery.

The "Roastery Tour" is dedicated to all the people want to learn about coffee, regardless how much you know, we will introduce you into the coffee world!


The "Roastery Tour"  is an introduction to the world of coffee backwards from the Cup to the Grain, during which you will have a tasting of Specialty coffee listening to a renewed point of view of coffee and discovering what it is a roasting process.

what THE "ROASTERY TOUR" includes


- Introduction to coffee and Specialty Coffee;

- Tasting guided of 2 Specialty coffees as Espresso.

- Guided Tour of LA SOSTA's Roastery Lab.

- Questions, curiosities, myths.






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