Capsuls are easy and quick to prepare, but do you like the coffee you are drikning?

You go at the bar because the barista is funny?

Would you like to drink an Espresso at home because you hate the capsuls and the barista? also he doesn't like his job and he doesn't care about you.

Have you ever asked to your Barista which coffee he is serving to you? There is a choice?

Do you know why often if you drink a Cappuccino at the bar you go straight away to the toilet?

Do you know what Espresso coffee is?

Do you know what coffee is?

Do you know what Filter coffee is?

Why do you put sugar in you coffee?

What does Americano coffee mean? Do you think it is only dirty water?

Saying: "I want a strong coffee", doesn't mean anything.


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The Home Barista course is made for who wants always to make the best coffee for his self, family and friends.

The course is tailor made for every student, based on the equipment owned.

For who own a real coffee Espresso machine and wants to learn how to carefully use it.

For who has only a Moka Pot and wants to discover new coffee preparation methods.

Based on the needs of every student the course goes from Espresso to Filter coffee, from Moka Pot to Cappuccino.

Duration about 3 hours.

Maximum number of students: 2.

The goal is to give you the basics to always make an optimal coffee and recognising by yourself a "well made" coffee and a "bad made" coffee.


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