Opened to curious and coffee lovers, our educative coffee experiences inside the "cantina of coffee".



Once per month we organize a Free Coffee Tasting that we call "FREE CUPPING". Just on reservation and only for a limited number of 10 people each time. Lighiting coffee tasting experience to start recognising a good cup of coffee from a bad cup of coffee and learning how to choose your favourite coffee.


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roastery tour

The Roastery Tour is dedicated to all the people want to learn about coffee, regardless how much you know, we will introduce you into the coffee world!

With this experience we will give you a clear vision on the coffee world. You will finally understand what is a coffee roaster, what coffee quality means  for real, and you will learn how to read a coffee bag. The goal is let you be more competent on the choice of your coffee and to understand that there is always a choice.


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If you like to make coffee at home and you already bought an espresso coffee machine, this semi-professional experience will give you the right guide lines to not waste the coffee and don't make mistakes. The espresso machine don't make coffee by herself and only if you learn how to use it you will enjoy all the coffees at the very best. The experience that will give you the basics of making coffee in a professional manner!



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The first full experience on coffee from the cup to the plant. One full day at the roastery seeing, touching and tasting coffee, following the transformation and the preparation. We will go deep into a rennovated coffee culture. It is not a course but a real educational experience while we will talk about all the themes prefessionally and the goal is educate you on your taste preference choice of the coffee.The Specialty Coffee Experience has been made for who wants to really know what specialty coffee means.

Are you ready for a full and remarkable coffee experience?


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