Once per month we organize a Free Coffee Tasting on reservation for only 10 seats available. Lighiting Coffee Tasting to recognise a good cup of coffee from a bad cup of coffee. Learn how to choose your coffee. Drink less, drink better.


We schedule one saturday each month to open the doors of our roastery to the public. The opening hours are from 10am until 1pm for who wants come taste and buy our Specialty beans directly at the roastery.


During the opening saturday at 11am o'clock starts the Free Coffee Tasting of the month.To give the possibility to plan your saet at the tasting we recommend to book in advance, you can see the dates on the home page.


Partecipate to the next tasting session

roastery tour

The Roastery Tour is dedicated to who wants to learn more about coffee, doesn't matter what is your level of knowledge in the coffee sector. With this experience we will give you a clear vision on the coffee world. You will finally understand what is a coffee roaster, what coffee quality means  for real, and you will learn how to read a coffee bag. The goal is let you be more competent on the choice of your coffee and to understand that there is always a choice.

ROASTERY TOUR is dedicated to all the people want to learn about coffee, regardless how much you know, we will introduce you into the coffee world!

ROASTERY TOUR is an introduction to the world of coffee backwards from the Cup to the Grain, during which you will have a tasting of Specialty coffee listening to a renewed point of view of coffee and discovering what it is a roasting process.

For who has been made?

- For who loves coffee but doesn't know much about it;

- For who thinks to know and wants to know more about coffee;

- For who wants to know what specialty coffee is;

- For who wants to TASTE A specialty coffee;

- For who wants to see an artisanal SPECIALTY coffee roastery.


what THE "ROASTERY TOUR" includes

- Introduction to coffee and Specialty Coffee;

- Tasting guided of 2 Specialty coffees as Espresso.

- Guided Tour of LA SOSTA's Roastery Lab.

- Questions, curiosities, myths.



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If you like to make coffee at home and you already bought an espresso coffee machine, this semi-professional experience will give you the right guide lines to not waste the coffee and don't make mistakes. The espresso machine don't make coffee by herself and only if you learn how to use it you will enjoy all the coffees at the very best.

Capsuls are easy and quick to prepare, but do you like the coffee you are drinking? You go at the bar because the barista is funny? Would you like to drink an Espresso at home because you hate the capsuls and the barista? Also he doesn't like his job and he doesn't care about you.

Have you ever asked to your Barista which coffee he is serving to you? There is a choice?

Do you know why often if you drink a Cappuccino at the bar you go straight away to the toilet?

Do you know what Espresso coffee is? Do you know what coffee is? Do you know what Filter coffee is? Why do you put sugar in you coffee? What does Americano coffee mean? Do you think it is only dirty water? Do you know that saying: I want a "strong coffee" doesn't mean anything?


The Home Barista course is made for who wants always to make the best coffee for his self, family and friends.

The course is tailor made for every student, based on the equipment owned.

For who own a real coffee Espresso machine and wants to learn how to carefully use it.

For who has only a Moka Pot and wants to discover new coffee preparation methods.

Based on the needs of every student the course goes from Espresso to Filter coffee, from Moka Pot to Cappuccino.


Duration about 4 hours.

Maximum number of students: 4

The goal is to give you the basics to always make an optimal coffee and recognising by yourself a "well made" coffee and a "bad made" coffee.


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The first full experience on coffee from the cup to the plant. One full day at the roastery seeing, touching and tasting coffee, following the transformation and the preparation. We will go deep into a rennovated coffee culture. It is not a course but a real educational experience while we will talk about all the themes prefessionally and the goal is educate you on your taste preference choice of the coffee.The Specialty Coffee Experience has been made for who wants to really know what specialty coffee means.

Are you ready for a full and remarkable coffee experience?

The full coffee experience

For coffee newers, corious people, lovers, and for who is looking for something different and new to do and share.

From Espresso to Cupping, directly in the Roastery.

For who loves coffee and also for who doesn't know much about it but wants to learn more.

4 hours of Experience at LA SOSTA Roastery Lab, tasting, watching, and touching Specialty coffes and its. production.

1 full day of experience at the roastery, tasting, looking and touching specialty coffee and the production.



  1. Welcome coffee;
  2. Introduction to coffee and to the Specialty coffees;
  3. Introduction to Espresso coffee;
  4. Espresso coffee tasting session;
  5. Guided Roastery Tour;
  6. Introduction to "Cupping" professional coffee tasting;
  7. Coffee tasting by Cupping with the new protocol "safe".

Duration 1 full day (8 hours.

6 people maximum per group.



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