We organize tailor made courses for your needs

Recomended to who works in coffee business as barista or for other companies in the sector, who has already done some education before. We offer courses to refine you sensory skills and developing the managing of the workflow and the offer of you cafè. We have the level of education you need now.


"Tasting is the most important aspect in coffee, start to pay attention to every single sip."

A full day of tasting in deep with a professional coffee sommelier. When, what and how much tasting to evaluate the quality of the green beans, roasted beans and the storege. High and low quality are easly recogniseble smelling ground coffee. Than making coffee as Espresso or Cupping we are able to rifine the evaluation and analyzing why is high quality or low grade. In this full immersion you will learn to recognise defects and to give a name to all you can taste in your mouth. Coming to follow this course with already a knowledge on tasting coffee or other food and beverage helps but is not required. The day is almost all practical focused mainly on Cupping as sharing method of evaluations. You will taste commercial coffees and competition coffees.The goal is letting you be professionally ready to enjoy every coffee tasting session all over the world, and insert this method in your daily work routine. Suggested to super-lovers (nerd or geek) of coffee, baristas and other workers in coffee sector.

Duration 9 hours.

Booking available on saturday with almost 14 days in advance.

Classes from 1 up to 3 students maximum.


cupping tasting course

Professional course for cafès

"Knowing coffee your are serving helps you on sell it."

Nowaday coffee is selected mainly for  low prices or for the accessories, fornitures, equipments you can get with it, also for credits. having a cafè id different to have a bar. 1€ per espresso is not sustainable anymore for no one company with all the coffees, low priced and high priced. Two full days on a full education on coffee, going deeper in coffee knoeldge, to improve your skills and especially to refine the managing of you cafè. Doesn't matter how many coursed you already have done in coffee, we will restart from the basics, to choose the right coffee for your business and to sell it at the best. We will start on cleaning every day you equipments. We show you what coffee is and how different processes have a huge impact on the preparation and on flavours. We will grind and test the beans to find thier limits. We will work on espresso but also on other filter methods. We analyze your work and what you can do and which is the right price to sell it. You will play with Specialty coffees extending you knoledge. We built this course for the cafè to educate the cafè owner and his baristas to work at the best.This a full rennovation journey of the business to give value on the work we daily do.

Duration 2 days.

Available thursday and friday, at least 14 days in advance.

Classes from 1 up to 4 students.


SPECIALTY cafè course